spring decor

I actually debated even decorating for Easter this year. We won't even be home for the actual day which I'm sure is part of the reason... But then I was like well... Do it for the kids Vince. And their little squeals of happiness when they got off the bus as they tore around the house looking at all the decor made it worth it. I guess. I don't go big like I do for the other holidays. Or I should say as big. But there you have it... Easter decor!

What about you, do you decorate for Easter?



  1. your version of minimal is me going all out. which is the cutest bc you're the best decorator.

  2. You are such a great decorator! I used to change things out for the season, but it's not important to me anymore. I do love having fresh flowers on the dining table though!
    -Kristen www.kristenwoolsey.com

  3. So pretty and fresh! Bring on the warm weather and flowers! I’ve been noticing More green outside when I’m driving and it makes me happy


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