some new (old) antique finds!

I'm just hopping on the antique hunting train these days! I have some things in mind I'd like to "collect" as it were and so some of this may not make much sense as I'm just getting started... But the hunt is so much of the fun! 

I love old chippy windows! I have one in my master bathroom and I mean, the more the merrier am I right? This one landed in my dining room.

I'm trying to figure out the bookshelves in the playroom which will be a huge undertaking and I'm really just getting started.... Letty found this pencil sharpener that she thought was just the coolest thing ever! Imagine that?! Something we all have used thousands of time being fascinating to an eight year old. And an antique, none the less!
 I'd like to have a shelf full of old clocks. About this size and all similar in colors... Maybe round and square mixed together? You would have thought this would be easy to find but nope. I found one. So. Have to start somewhere. The cord is covered in fabric which is mind-blowing! So I'm sure my parents are having similar feelings about this clock that I was having with the pencil sharpener...
 Anddddd the cutest little toy telephone!
This shoe form is something I thought I would never ever ever buy but it was on sale and once I had it home I loved it! The fan was a bargain too but I didn't love the color so I just spray painted it. Offending the legitimate antiquer I am sure but there you have it.
Like I need more stuff..... But I enjoy it!