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It's been a week since I've even posted anything here (gasp! and whoops!) so I guess it's the perfect time for one of these right?  And it's March! Glory glory hallelujah one month closer to warmth! And vacation!
I feel like the kids haven't had a full week of school since January. Between snow days and early dismissals and two hour delays and now this week they have an in-service day too I mean, they won't know what hit them when they have to have a full five day week! None of us will. They have had Scout activities and Jump for Heart and play dates and and and. David wrapped up a once a week baseball thing at our gym last month and Letty started in with her field hockey clinic the end of the month too. Lots of volunteering in the classrooms and entertaining friends on the weekends and of course lots of family time too! Well-rounded family of five we are! Our lives are a whole lot of little somethings adding up to lots of full days!

I started doing Body Pump with my sister a few weeks ago and it was an instant oh I love to hate you type thing. I'm really enjoying taking the classes! It's so much more motivating to me. So besides Pump I have tried and love rowing, spin, Body Flow, and CXworks. Yes I live at the gym whenever I can. Dom has been taking some kid yoga and born to move classes too while I'm there and he loves them as well.

I had nothing to read the other day and requested a bunch of books at once because you know how it goes, they could come in in a day or in two weeks or even longer! Then I went to the library and asked my favorite librarian for some good books to which she gave me three. Then within two days all my requested books came in. So I read three books in like oh maybe 5 days and now I have four more to read. I just started Everything I Never Told You. I think I'm going to really enjoy it! I think this past month will clinch my book a week goal too so there's that.

Letty has started texting! No she doesn't have a phone she has an iPad (a new one from her grandparents thank you so much to them!). She has her own iCloud account because of FaceTiming with some of her friends and so I let her turn on iMessage as well so she can text Matt and I and my parents. She's been loving it! It's not like she has her iPad all the time or anything but still, it's fun! And texting totally counts as reading right?

David has been pulling some Rain Man type stunts lately. Like he'll say hey mom I think it's 43 days until we go on vacation and then I check and sure enough, the kid is right. Or he'll be like mom, do you know what 25x25 is? And I'll of course say no and he'll say: 625. Stuff like that. He's just so smart, Jen-nay!

And Dom? He had a glowing conference last month. So much so that I laughed in his teacher's face. You must have the wrong folder in front of you because I've never met that Dominic! He started writing his name too which is huge. She sent me a photo the other day of the proudest little boy who pulled out the letters to spell DOM from a huge bin of the alphabet. Big things people! He's got them all in there, he just frankly my dear, does not give a damn.

We leave for Florida next month and I just cannot wait! But in preparation I have had to address my swim suit situation. After much debate I have settled on this one and then this one. I love the top on the CupShe one and I love the scalloping on the Target one. Oh palm trees and sunshine and the beach and Disney! I'm going to start a countdown chain here soon for the kids too. For us all to be honest.

And as always new to me Instagram accounts! I really should stop following all the farmhouse decor feeds but I just love them so much! So ignore this if you do not.... I just find them so inspiring! Down Home Chippy, two4decor, Countyline Farmhouse, Woods and Ivory, The Wicker Cottage, Appleseeds and Sage, The Little White Farmhouse, High Cotton Cottage, and Vintage Farmhouse.

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