new (old) dining room shelves

This whole thing started because as Matt and I were perusing my parent's stash of wood for another project entirely I saw this oh so pretty thick piece of old wood. And after asking if I could take it home with me my mother reminded me that she had a second piece that she wasn't really using in any major way and that I could have it too. Lucky me! So then I started wandering around the house trying to figure out where oh where I could have my Handy Matty hang up these gorgeous wood as shelves. I texted my mother many options because I bounce most decor choices off of her and we decided upon the dining room... We had to move some things around of course to make it happen but I'm so glad we chose this spot. I love it so! It brings me great joy! 

Also having a husband who just does whatever I want and whenever I want. That too.

And anyone who has ever commented on my decorating ability the real accolades go to my mother and the invention of photo messaging. I style it and then she does some "tweaking" as it were.
As we all know I'm sure that I'll be changing up the decor here (and oh imagine Christmas time!?) but for now I am a big fan. It's amazing what you can do with what you already have lying around. Well not all of it of course but a lot of it. The seltzer bottle was a lucky antiquing find (those things are hard to come by in my experience). The plates were just saucer plates from my "formal" china set. The sugar bowl and gravy bowl I just snatched from their storage spot in my "formal" china kitchen cabinet. And to be clear by "formal" I mean a set of dishes we got for a wedding present that is fancier and slightly more expensive than my day to day ones and it only comes out for Christmas and Thanksgiving. And it's from Target. The book was my great-grandmother's and is dated Christmas 1899, how cool is that. The framed print is from Gray Apple Market and I love it so much and I wish I had bought two so I could have one above the top shelf as well. The fabric on the top shelf is just leftover drop cloth from when I did my curtains that I just folded to look like a stack of towels. It's literally one long strip. The white jug is from Cocalico Creek. The eucalyptus I have lying around everywhere until something better comes along and the galvanized tub is from Dollar Tree. Keeping it classy.