disney countdown chain. it's on.

The kids requested this, not I. We typically do some sort of countdown before each Disney trip... a chain like this, or a hidden Mickey with an activity... but something is done. As we are leaving here shortly for Walt Disney World (and West Palm Beach but let's not confuse them) I had to whip up a bunch of activities or what have you for each day of The Great Disney Countdown Chain (!). I think this will be much more fun now that the kids are older and can actually participate other than like "a baba a bee bee." Anyone been around here that long that you remember that was Letty's go to phrase? Still don't know what she was saying....

I digress.

So I used my handy dandy Waltograph font and came up with a bunch of activities or trivia or questions as seen below (I didn't put the chain together in that order of course. I tried to keep longer activities to weekends too.). And you know the drill. Print. Cut. Staple. And you have a chain! I hung it up in the playroom so it wasn't like too in your face.... We made the executive decision that only mommy or daddy can remove a ring and that no ring can be removed until they are fully dressed and ready for school. It ain't our first rodeo....

Sing your favorite Disney song.
How far away is Walt Disney World from our house?
Practice your curtsy or bow for when you meet a Princess.
What ride are you most looking forward to at Epcot?
Write a letter to your favorite Disney Princess or Hero
What park is Soarin’ in?
What ride are you most looking forward to at Magic Kingdom?
What animal are you most excited to see on the Safari?
Color a Disney picture.
What is your favorite country at The World Showcase?
What is your favorite park?
Wear Disney pajamas to bed.
Watch Frozen
Have Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast.
Call Poppop and Nonna and thank them for taking you to Disney.
Take a virtual tour of The Beach Club
Look through photos from past Disney Vacations.
Listen to Disney music on Pandora all day long.
Watch a Youtube video of the Tower of Terror. Will you stay at the Hollywood Tower Hotel?
Watch Moana
Watch Beauty and the Beast
Search the house for Hidden Mickey's
Choose your favorite stuffie to take with you on vacation.
Which Disney Character are you most excited to meet?
Pack stamps for postcards to send to your class.
What is the name of the chicken in Moana?
Do you have the droid they are looking for? Which Star Wars character should we meet this year?
Who says “Just Keep Swimming” and what movie is it from?
What is the name of the kingdom Queen Elsa rules over?
We're leaving for Disney World today! Hooray!

Anyone else countdown for fun trips? Just us?