a girl scout build-a-bear party

Just a week late (and a dollar short or something?) but I wanted to make sure to document a fun little Friday evening that Letty had with her Girl Scout Troop, a Build-a-Bear party! As much as she is attached to her two prior Build-a-Bears (Tink Teddy from a gift card she got when she broke her arm and Rose, the one my parents got her on our Carnival Cruise and why yes, she named her after Rose DeWitt Bukater.) I just wasn't sure that she would be into the whole party and getting another one. .. Well no wronger could I have been. 
She was so excited to go, to get a bear that was Girl Scout themed, to be with her friends, to make that bear and kiss that little heart and make her wish! The newest Build-a-Bear cousin is named Tag-a-long, after her favorite kind of cookie. Which is just the cutest. She also got to pick an outfit and she got a Brownie vest that even has little stick on numbers for her troop number!

The guy who ran the party was super on top of things and had a bunch of games for the girls to play while he was stuffing the bears and sewing them up. He even had a little fashion show after all the bears were ready! Letty had such a good time and loves her newest addition to her bear family!