an update to the o

Just another little project of that Handy Matty...

I found this O on clearance like ages ago and it's held it's place of honor in our foyer ever since. But I just decided I wanted it to be more substantial. So I asked Matt to build a back for it and include three hooks so I could hang stuff off of said hooks. Yes I know, like I need more stuff. But the hanging planter from the Dollar Spot was just so cutte!

disney countdown chain. it's on.

The kids requested this, not I. We typically do some sort of countdown before each Disney trip... a chain like this, or a hidden Mickey with an activity... but something is done. As we are leaving here shortly for Walt Disney World (and West Palm Beach but let's not confuse them) I had to whip up a bunch of activities or what have you for each day of The Great Disney Countdown Chain (!). I think this will be much more fun now that the kids are older and can actually participate other than like "a baba a bee bee." Anyone been around here that long that you remember that was Letty's go to phrase? Still don't know what she was saying....

I digress.

some new (old) antique finds!

I'm just hopping on the antique hunting train these days! I have some things in mind I'd like to "collect" as it were and so some of this may not make much sense as I'm just getting started... But the hunt is so much of the fun! 

I love old chippy windows! I have one in my master bathroom and I mean, the more the merrier am I right? This one landed in my dining room.

spring decor

I actually debated even decorating for Easter this year. We won't even be home for the actual day which I'm sure is part of the reason... But then I was like well... Do it for the kids Vince. And their little squeals of happiness when they got off the bus as they tore around the house looking at all the decor made it worth it. I guess. I don't go big like I do for the other holidays. Or I should say as big. But there you have it... Easter decor!

have a nice st. patrick's day?

Did you all celebrate? We didn't do much other than don these here outfits for this here photo. But I hope if you did you had some good green beer or listened to some Dropkick Murphy's or some such thing. I went to Pints & Poses on Friday and Shipping Up To Boston was the first song they played and I was all like man. These are my people. But that's about all she wrote as far as our celebrations went.

So here are some cute kids in their festive wear! I realize squeezing David into a 4T is a bit extreme but the things I force him to do for a cute themed photo! On to the next Olsen! Will this be the last year? I don't know we will find outtttt!!!

the blue and gold banquet

As first timers to this whole Cub Scout thing, the Blue and Gold Banquet was just a total unknown for us. The boys were all encouraged to attend, as well as all siblings and parents, grandparents, whoever! They would provide pizza and people would bring sides and so forth (you know me and my love of any and all things potluck). 

new (old) dining room shelves

This whole thing started because as Matt and I were perusing my parent's stash of wood for another project entirely I saw this oh so pretty thick piece of old wood. And after asking if I could take it home with me my mother reminded me that she had a second piece that she wasn't really using in any major way and that I could have it too. Lucky me! So then I started wandering around the house trying to figure out where oh where I could have my Handy Matty hang up these gorgeous wood as shelves. I texted my mother many options because I bounce most decor choices off of her and we decided upon the dining room... We had to move some things around of course to make it happen but I'm so glad we chose this spot. I love it so! It brings me great joy! 

Also having a husband who just does whatever I want and whenever I want. That too.

And anyone who has ever commented on my decorating ability the real accolades go to my mother and the invention of photo messaging. I style it and then she does some "tweaking" as it were.

a girl scout build-a-bear party

Just a week late (and a dollar short or something?) but I wanted to make sure to document a fun little Friday evening that Letty had with her Girl Scout Troop, a Build-a-Bear party! As much as she is attached to her two prior Build-a-Bears (Tink Teddy from a gift card she got when she broke her arm and Rose, the one my parents got her on our Carnival Cruise and why yes, she named her after Rose DeWitt Bukater.) I just wasn't sure that she would be into the whole party and getting another one. .. Well no wronger could I have been. 

so what's new with you?

It's been a week since I've even posted anything here (gasp! and whoops!) so I guess it's the perfect time for one of these right?  And it's March! Glory glory hallelujah one month closer to warmth! And vacation!