the polar vortex

Are we tired of hearing about this? I am so glad that it's now warmed up to like, the 50's as opposed to say, two degrees. And yes yes I am well aware it was soooo much worse in a great portion of our nation. I just hate being cold. I want to pick up my entire family and move them to a warmer climate. Palm trees would be a necessity. But sadly some members of my family don't want to move. Cough. Mom. Cough.

Anyways last week we had snow, obviously. The kids had an early dismissal one day and then a two hour delay the next day and then school was closed completely the day after that. What lucky creatures to be home with us all that time! And how lucky was I that I got to help them get dressed and undressed nine thousand times. So lucky, I'll tell you what.

I personally just like to let them play in the backyard while I watch from warmer pastures inside. The fence and all of that. But we eventually headed across the street to the baseball diamond which sits high up on a hill and let the kids sled. Half the neighborhood was out as well and we had a drink to warm our bones. I have fond memories of being outside sledding until the sun set and that is just what we did that night.

On the day of the school closure I also had my niece and nephew so we just had a super fun snow day! We had to stay inside because the wind chill was something like negative zero but that's fine! We colored and read books and spent the afternoon watching Frozen, naturally. I love a full house!
What about you? How did you spend the vortex??