the great pantry redo!

I'm not even the slightest bit embarrassed to show you this mess. You know why? Because it ain't my fault (did I do that?!). It's my chef's fault. But since he is the chef I don't really have a thing I can do about that now can I? I organize it. He messes it up. But! He agreed to redo the pantry for me just the same and even agreed to keeping it organized just the way I like it (aha aha). So this is the before, obviously. There was all this extra space between the shelves and soooo much room above the top shelf that is like, why are you there? Plus the walls were all scratched and marked up from all the things being thrown in there through the years. 

So first things first was to remove everything. The kids had a blast with that. Matt then attached wood to the side walls that will eventually support the shelves. Then he painted the entire thing with the same gray as the kitchen.... 
Then he stained some plywood he had cut down to size and wala! I especially love the shelf waaaaay up high at the tippy top of the pantry that is just a baby half shelf but it takes care of the extra space up there and is perfect for paper towels and napkins and the like.
 And then it was my fun job to put everything back in there organized as best I could. I got those gray bins from the Dollar Tree, totally wiped out their stock but they are perfect for storing potatoes, onions, ramen, hot chocolate accouterments and salad stuff, snacks, whatever. Skies the limit! It's not perfect of course and I'm sure as we figure out the new layout changes will be made. Like we discussed adding an additional shelf above the kid's snack shelf for just cans, which I think would be good because we have the room and why not? But for now it is oh so pretty and thank. Good. Ness.