some valentine's celebrations 'round these parts

As a rule I don't really enjoy this Hallmark holiday. Romance is so not on my priority list (poor Matt). However, we do celebrate a little bit. Times three as it were, believe it or not. So I realize those sentences are conflicting but bear with me.

Traditionally, we get together with our old neighbors for Valentine's Day. If you've been around this blog since the beginning then you know that we started this tradition because we had little kids and didn't feel like going out and getting a sitter and wearing real pants all of that jazz. So Matt would cook something fancy and we would join forces and have quite the fun night. Last weekend we kept up with that tradition and had them over for dinner. Matt made the kids a heart shaped pizza, the adults had chicken parm and Steph brought her delicious heart shaped dessert. 

Then there was the actual day of Valentine's. The kids had their card exchange at school of course and came home full of energy and sugar. Matt and I had reservations at, get this, our gym's restaurant, Forklift & Palate. I know! Our gym boasts many things including a Verizon store, an eye doctor, an arcade, a hotel and a restaurant! So we were able to drop our kids off at their Kid Watch and then go enjoy a dinner. Burgers and beer, the things that my Valentine's Day should always be made of. Which then made us both feel so incredibly full and gross but! Worth it. Maybe it was the post-dinner blizzards we got?
Lastly we celebrated a day of love with my family. Exchanging gifts from my parents and Valentine's from cousins and of course what else, eating! All the eating! My parents got Dominic a Transformers Play-doh set (this kid loves him some Play-doh, which naturally, I loathe), David got a racing game for the xbox (and yes, I totally went back on my word and let him play it even though he is in the midst of a week-long xbox drought) and Letty got the cutest heart pajama outfit (including slippers!) for her Our Generation doll, Jackie. So spoiled those kids! And yes I totally didn't get a picture of David opening his gift because he just was that fast.
Aren't they just the cutest? 

Welp, for a holiday I don't really care about we sure celebrated it right! Over and out!