so what's new with you?

One month down. We made it! These cold months can just breeze on by if you ask me. I mean obviously not really because time going so fast is always something I loathe but I also loathe being cold. So that's what.
I am currently reading Crazy Rich Asians. I'm liking it after the heavier reads I have been all about recently. I'll definitely be watching the movie then as soon as I am done. Has anyone seen it? So many people have suggested so many good books my list is quite long but I will get through it! A book a week people let's do this! I have a feeling I'm going to make up for lost time during the summer when I'm out on the deck...

Letty has been killing it at math lately. I'll get emails from her teacher (sent to the entire class) like oh hey I know some kids are having issues with their homework tonight just make them do only ten minutes and that's enough (Letty's teacher is the most chill human I've ever met) and Letty's homework will already be completed and in her folder for tomorrow. Word problems not so much but equations? Girl loves them. Confidence builder people!

David got his health report home from school and they say he is overweight. I mean you can see the bones. He had me so worried recently until it occurred to me he had a growth spurt but just didn't gain any weight.... however, overweight? Poor kid needs to eat a sandwich in my opinion but that could just be my Italian (Greek) roots taking over. Manga! Matt has been trying to get him involved in the cooking aspect of life in hopes if he reads the recipe and sees the ingredients he may be more willing to try with an open mind. And yes, I am rolling my eyes too. 

Dominic has let the faux hawk return and thank goodness! I love that thing for him. It just speaks volumes as to his personality. He's out there people. He's adorable sure but he's special. The faux hawk is a bit of a warning like man, I'm crazy. His pediatrician sanctioned the tantrum ignoring so I'm just going to keep going with that. We went to Go N' Bananas last month and he pulled this over a sippy cup and I'm like, who's kid is that? Not mine. It lasted about ten-fifteen minutes until a staff member approached him to see what was wrong and then I had to intervene. Oh there you are (I was standing right beside him the entire time just fyi)!!!! 

We should talk about the end of Outlander while we are here. Well, the season finale any way. Perhaps I need to reread that book but I thought something extra happened to Roger? I mean, I'd like it if that didn't happen to him but I was just confused. And it took bloody forever for Jamie to get to him. Goodness practically the entire season! We should probably take this discussion to another medium because I know most of you are like wha??? And Lord John is the sweetest. That's all I'll say.

We are on this thing where the boys have to eat a bite of whatever we are eating before they get their child appropriate (to them) dinner. But as I am typing this Matt just offered each boy five bucks if they ate a bite of his sushi. And they did. He doesn't care how we throw our money away. Now they will expect money for any new food tried.

Speaking of money we are on a strict no spend month. It should be easy because it's a short month right? We claimed to have that for January but yeah no. That fell through. So this month it is essentials only. I'm even heavily debating no longer getting my nails done. I did the math on that one and wow. Right between ouch and boing. But I do love a good painted nail, so! I'll think on it. If anyone knows of a nail polish brand that like, doesn't chip ever I'd love to know.

And to prove that we did not listen to no spend January here's what we bough on amazon last month:  Probiotics. My electrician father pointed out that the wifi outlets we use for Christmas lighting cannot be used on our new electric heater in our bedroom so we had to get one to handle the wattage. Always looking out for us, that dad of mine. We can turn off the heater from the comfort of our bed with just our phones. Set a timer. Etc. It's magic. My Ikea pillow covers in the living room were becoming threadbare and since Ikea is a haul and a half I got these instead. Keeping with my amber bottle obsession I got these and these for soap dispensers in the kitchen and powder room. This retinol serum to go with my gray hairs. This shirt and I love it so much more than the Target version. New watercolors because ya know, for the kids. Probiotics. Another yoga mat that will be strictly for the gym. Annnnd two work out tanks, here and here. As I mentioned earlier these leggings. Twice. And of course more Probiotics.  I have a problem. And it's all amazon's fault. But the probiotics are like a non-negotiable.

As always new to me Instagram accounts I have found, still sticking with all the home decor accounts apparently: The Cobbler Shop on Concord, Georgia Maes at Home, Edgewood Farmhouse, Second Chapter Farmhouse, Misty, Farmhouse for 8 and Jessica Madison Home.

So what's new with all of you?

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  1. haha alllll the probiotics. also crazy rich asians was so sweet i watched it twice. well once was on the plane so whatevs.

  2. Crazy Rich Asians movie is amazing. I equate it to seeing Harry Potter for the first time. All your imaginations in physical form. Plus more diamonds than you could ever imagine!

  3. yes to time please hurrying up to the warmer weather, but also slowing down because where is life going? i am also currently reading crazy rich asians! for book club. i haven't actually started it, but i will tonight whilst waiting at my hair appointment. book club is this sunday so i am behind, oops. we are going to watch the movie right after because we are crazy like that. if you find a nail polish brand that doesn't chip, do share that unicorn. i've not found it either.

  4. Good for your daughter Letty!!! And omg our neighbor boy (who's like 10?) has a faux hawk and it is the cutest thing ever. I want my little 3-year-old to have one too! Haha. I've heard that the movie Crazy Rich Asians is better than the book so maybe if you loved the book, wait a while to see the movie? Idk. I saw the movie first and now can't bring myself to read the books! haha

  5. I've only read the last book in the Crazy Rich Asians series, but I loved the movie :)

  6. I'm jealous of Letty since I suck at math. Maybe I can hire Letty to teach me! lol A no-spend month can be REALLY hard. I'm sticking pretty good to my "no extra spending" rule that I have in place until I find a new job. It's rough, but I'm doing it. I have faith you can do it for February. Hey we're a 1/4 through already!


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