I had taken Dom here in December and just felt really bad about the fact that the bigger kids were missing out because of that silly little thing known as school... And then for Christmas our Fitzs gave us a gift card for this place! So then it was just a matter of waiting for a day when I thought (based on my extensive SkyZone crowd knowledge) it wouldn't be that busy, which was this past Monday. Matt asked off work too so it was a family affair!
Two hours of bouncing later (and only trip to the bathroom which, gross!) and those kiddos were just the sweatiest and most tired little things in all the land. David made me so nervous with his flips that I ended up saying no more! He also made friends with every staff member he encountered. Tossing a ball back and forth. Fist pumping. You name it. Letty has the opportunity to go here again this weekend for a birthday party and I'm just hoping for no injuries. We then took them to PF Chang's (also courtesy of our Fitzs) for a quick lunch before heading home for immediate tubs. All in all a great day off from school!
It sure looked delicious, Matt's meal. But instead I got the spicy chicken and cried throughout my meal so....