living room shelves

It's the time of year where I have an itch and the only way to make it go away is make Matt do diy things. Lucky man. One such thing was adding shelves above our tv in the living room. We have the exact same ones in our master bathroom, just smaller than these, and even had leftover pipe from that project. 

I never really enjoyed this wall with the tv and I've tried a few different ways to fix that lack of enjoyment but it just wasn't working. I felt like before the room felt very weighted to the gallery wall side (which it was) so this I think helps remedy that. Of course I have an antiquing trip planned next month (you know, when it's not a no spend month) because those shelves are nowhere near where I want them to be decor wise. I just threw some things up there that I wasn't using anywhere else so they weren't nekkid. How cute is that tiny candle? It's from the Dollar Tree. I know! Same with the galvanized tub. A dollar!

I'll keep you posted on my antique finds, lest you fret.

So what do we think?