hopefully our last snow day

Please oh please let last week's storm be our last. Not only are we now working our way into the summer with make up days but I am just so over it. The kids haven't had a full week of school in forever. Maybe since December? I'm only slightly exaggerating. It's early dismissals and two hour delays and of course the closures. But as it so happens we cannot control the weather and a storm came and it dropped a whole lot of snow and then a whole lot of freezing rain that resulted in a day off of school.

We headed outside after lunch, our warming beverages in hand to watch the kids play and sled. It was brutal out there, with the snow blowing sideways... I turned my back to that nasty snow and tried my best to pretend to bit a little bit of a fun parent, I even went down the hill once! And I wasn't wearing my snow pants! Making strides people... Making strides.
When we got back inside and all the wet things were in the dryer Letty got invited up the street to her friend's house to do some crafting. The boys played video games and I spent the rest of the afternoon doing what I maintain is the only thing to do during snow days. Read and have coffee....