hey mambo! mambo open that bottle night!

This is one of the very few nights a year that Matt and I have my parents watch the kids and we go out. Not just us two of course, but to a wine party! With other like-minded wine lovers! Now I know I don't drink as much wine as I used too, and I mourn the days of the good bottles of red that we used to enjoy. The tannin! The inevitable headaches! Getting older is fun people. 
The theme of the night was Italy which I mean, come on! I may come from a Greek father but I sure love me all things Italian! We brought a bottle each and a pasta salad of Matt's creation (naturally). They had quite the spread of finger foods and of course quite the wine! Plus some good tunes from the Rat Pack and friends... After catching up (we only see the majority of this group but once a year) we settled in to play some games. Wine bingo, wine trivia, you name it. Jim is always incredibly creative with these games, and the gifts! I won tri-colored pasta, Italy colors no less! All the green white and red!

After the games are all over then we set about to share the wines we brought. Sometimes there's a story behind it... or sometimes it's just as simple as oh we like this label. To each their own. We have a tasting and comments are made. As always with this group we always end up laughing quite a lot... even if I did spend most of the night side-eyeing Molly worried her water was about to break at any second. Baby girl please come join us soon! I need another baby to cuddle with!
Did I mention the tiramisu? 

We got a Lyft back to my parent's house (safety first) to find everyone sound asleep... except Letteria. That child is a night owl. So thanks to our hosts! Thanks to my parents for watching our three! And thanks to my preventative ibuprofen and tums that saved me from a headache in the morn!

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Oh and February? Peace. Out.