but does it spark joy?

You may know what my post title is referring to and you may not... so for those of you who do not know there is a new show on Netflix (and a book, apparently) called Tidying Up. And in this show the most adorable woman helps people tidy. There are so many hilarious memes I’ve seen that do give me a good snicker... but the truth is Matt and I have been going through our house slowly, getting rid of things we don’t use or need for a few months now... right about the time when we closed the pool and were like oh where oh where can we store these things? Annnnnd sorry Marie but I have been folding clothes that way since Letty was born. Minus the gratitude. I don’t thank my leggings. Maybe I should? But I don’t. 
Anyways so what are some things these days sparking joy?

Friday afternoons. The kids come tearing into the house like a tornado and it's loud and messy and chaotic but they are home. Annnnd I don't have to pack a lunch or initial a reading log for two whole days and I love it. It's like I was holding my breath all week long and I can just exhale and enjoy my people and my house.

Fun new workout clothes. Now that I don't always run in the privacy of my own home I think it's time to invest in some more options. I got these leggings and love the mesh cut out type area and the hidden pocket, yes! I find myself perusing amazon whenever I have a spare second. All the fun workout tanks. Please and thank you.

This has nothing to do with Marie I swear it, but Matt and I have decided our next project will be our pantry. Glory glory hallelujah!!! I hate that thing with such a vengeance. I get it all organized and everything the way I like it and then bam! Matt (the cook, so of course he has that right) comes along and just messes it all up. It's not going to look like Pinterest worthy or anything because I gaurantee there will always be a big ole bag of veggie straws hanging front and center. But. It'll have more shelving, a fresh coat of paint, and Matt promises he will keep it organized. Maybe I'll hit up his corner spice cabinet next. Gasp!

Yoga. I started doing yoga when Letty was first born and I have taken classes here and there but since David's birth I have basically just been doing videos in my own home. Following the same pattern as my running. But I have been getting such joy out of doing it in a class environment again! I love that I can do a handstand again. I love being more flexible. Let's hope it also helps strengthen my back here a little. 

Surprise packages in the mail! One of my oldest (going on 17 years now I believe? Which I mean, how?!) and dearest friends Kerri sent me quite the surprise earlier this week! I mean. Day made. Week made! Full of little things that she knows I will use and love! I guess I shouldn't say the package  itself strikes joy, although it certainly did, but knowing I have such a good and wonderful friend out there! That's pretty joy striking! Are we tired of the word joy yet? I'm almost there....

And of course that first cup of coffee each morning! And anything Joanna! Who is going to get her new book? So what sparks joy in your life these days??? The end of this post, I bet!