what i'm doing with all those amber bottles of mine...

As I mentioned in the fall, I recently have become borderline obsessed with collecting amber bottles. I had them all over the place for that season which made sense with their color and all of that. I packed the whole lot up for the holidays but after that all went away I just couldn't let the bottles stay in storage, oh no. They had to come out! I've got quite the collection at this point so I may pause on any new purchases for now... although that said I did get three for Christmas from my sister from the Hearth and Hand line....annndd a few from recent antiquing trips. So who am I to say? 

Most of them are above the bookshelves in the playroom. I took all the existing decor down before Christmas and decided to start fresh and I love it much more now. The lights help too! Keep a bit of cozy in that room.

The dining room and the kitchen table centerpieces of course got a few of them...
The tray on our kitchen island has a few of the smaller versions...
As well as in our master bathroom. Just a little bit of warmth in an otherwise gray and white world.
Anyone else collect things like this? Where does one end the collecting stage? Asking for a friend... his name is Matt.



  1. haha matt. i mean i think they are fun! i dont collect anything except maybe skulls? i decided i have too many and am only keeping my favs. so i guess when your gut says yes? i am of no help
    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I really love the amber bottles. Are they cheaper at antique store or target? Also, I’m obsessed with the dining room table center piece 😍


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