Yes yes! It's me! I have returned! Our computer was having a little mini meltdown... Such a meltdown that we were certain we would be replacing it until my father came over and was able to coax another life out of it... So thank you to my techie dad! Anyways so with that happening I was all over here a wee bit lost without a computer, hence the radio (internet?) silence. I am flattering myself that anyone other than my mother and sister noticed... but if you did, I'm here!

Weekends! Oh those sweet two days! Actually Sunday sort of is on my list but. Anyways. Saturdays I like.

Our Friday started off with Letty's tutor, the poor girl goes right from the bus to having a tutor for an hour. But she does great and always gives it maximum effort. So I'll take it. The boys had gotten a dollar each for trying a spoonful of taco meat covered in cheese and ranch (side eye Matt) and so that dollar was basically burning a hole in their pockets. As soon as Miss Melissa left we headed off to our new Dollar Tree, which to them is super exciting. We had friends over for dinner Friday night, Matt making steaks and that delicious farro salad. And a whole lot of other goodies too of course.
Saturday was very unusual for us. I left before eight for a Demystifying Dyslexia seminar while Matt stayed home with the kids. For the entire day. But! There's more! It was also the day of David's Cub Scouts Pine Car Derby sooo Matt dropped the kids off at my sister's and took David to that....
The seminar was definitely worth heading to, and it was free! I learned quite a lot, most of which I am still processing. The simulations were really interesting and just made me realize how very very (very) hard those kiddos have to work! Emotions! I also took the opportunity during the lunch break to head to my brother's and eat a yummy burger and hang out with my sweet little nieces!
I walked in the door and the house was still standing! The laundry was folded. The toys picked up. The beds made. The teeth brushed. That Matt! He lost David's jacket but other than that he did great. We had Matt's brother and family over for dinner then... that chef of mine got a workout this weekend!

Sunday wasn't as incredibly exciting as Saturday... Just stuff around the house and catching up on homework... Letty had a play date....including all of the Our Generation things those two girls could muster up. She brought a Jeep. It was intense.
And then we had dinner at my parent's! With the very prettiest of sunsets! Before the season finale of Outlander!! Gah! Feelings!
What about you? How was your weekend?