we joined a gym!

I have never ever belonged to a gym. I don't do machines. I don't do people looking at me. I don't wear fancy clothes when I run. But I do like to work out. We redid our basement gym recently and that is all well and good and was working out alright... But then my brother and his family joined this local massive gym... Followed shortly after by my sister and her family. Followed shortly after that by my father. Well, as you can imagine, we don't like to be left out of any family affairs. So we too joined.
There are other reasons too of course, but we joined. We are feeling  more motivated and have more fun working out so far. I'm sore. I use machines. I people watch. The kids play with their cousins and love going and then we like to let them run around on the soccer fields after we adults do our thing. We even bought them each soccer balls so there will be no arguing over who's balls are who's. There's so much stuff there other than the gym and we have yet to see even a tenth of it I'm sure. A bar??? I mean, really. If the gym would add a Starbucks or a Dunkin it would be absolute perfection.
And I do still plan on using my gym, to be sure! I won't make it out there every day, so I'll still need something in the comfort of my own home.