some new diy wood signs!

You've seen the wood signs floating about on the internet I am sure these past few months (years?) and I'm finally getting on that band wagon. I found a few businesses that make them that I sure do love but I wanted to make my own. Cost effective and hey! I can have it say whatever it is I want it to say!

As I tend to do I go big or go home so I made three to start with. Matt cut the wood down for me to size, and then I did the base paint color. Once that was dry I used chalk to draw on my saying, which I then painted over with black paint. Once that was all dry I lightly distressed it with sandpaper and then Handy Matty added the stained frame. Wala!

For above the tv in the living room I made this one....

For above our bed this was what I decided on...
And of course the one for above the new mantle in our bedroom, which you've already seen of course.



  1. these are so great! i mean not only getting the words you want but also it's personalized with your handwriting :)
    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Move aside, smallwood! Haha. Great job!


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