so what's new with you?

I know I'm about a week late to this one but I was busy wrapping up all the festiveness that was the end of December and now that that's done... here I am. Not to mention it's been since November since I have had one of these little chats with you all so, shame on me. 
We all know where my December went, all too fast and full of chaos. My kids had a good break which is what matters and even though the yelling and fighting was there, I was still sad to see them go away again. Not to mention the return of the schedules! And the wretched lunches! But here we are wrapping up our first full week back into the world of school. What a week it was. Girl Scouts, church, Cub Scouts, playdates, the first day back watching my nephew, volunteering in both classrooms, tutoring, you name it. This week it was there. So I am just really looking forward to this weekend... To catching up with friends we haven't seen in months and hopefully sleeping in and just hanging out at home! Hopefully.

There are a few big projects that Matt has been working on that I want to share at some point! He gave our front stoop a not so little makeover and as soon as it isn't freezing I'll go out there and take some photos. Or if I decide to bear the elements. So cold so cold so cold. He has also been elbows deep in a project in our master bedroom which will help with aforementioned cold. All exciting things to come! That Handy Matty of mine.

I came in at a total of 51 books read for 2018. Which is really amazing, to be sure! Especially since in 2017 I only ready 28.... I'm just annoyed I couldn't say I read a book a week. Maybe this year! A book a week and more water! That's about as far as I go into making any sort of resolution. Because I don't really do that. Just start drinking more water whatever day you realize you need to start drinking more water. Insert any resolution here. 

As always some new to me Instagram accounts I found over the past two months are all in a bit of a theme.... you know post-Christmas blues are real to me and so we typically do a lot of stuff around the house. Nothing necessary of course, just fun projects. I guess my new follows reflect that... Burlap and Book Pages, Gray Apple Market, Three Sons Farmhouse, Farmstead on First, Surviving Sneddon, Our Forever Farmhouse. Their homes are just all so gorgeous! And just because this guy gives me all the Maine and New England vibes: Paul.

So, what's new with all of you? Have we all recovered from the holidays?