our new year's eve

New Year's Eve can find us a local touristy hotel, all prepped for a night of swimming and over-eating. Because it is the holidays and that is just what people do am I right? 

We arrived at check in time had had ourselves a whole lot of over-chlorinated swim time! It never matters the time of year my kids are little fishes! They could have spent the entire evening in there, turning all pruney. With all that lovely lighting.... But as we do we needed to break for food, heading towards Miller's Smorgasbord for an evening of just "shoveling in all the food we can possibly manage." After which, any swimming was off the table. Naturally. Thankfully the hotel had a movie set for the kids. We hung out and watched Christopher Robin, all but the youngest cousin who had headed home with her daddy for the night. After the movie Mikayla and Ash headed home as well while those that remained had champagne and snacks out in the hallway.... Kids asleep (maybe) inside the rooms and we just kept the party going outside the rooms...

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