our new year's day

Oh New Year's Day. We are all quite shot, to be honest. The night before does the very best sleeper in. And my kids? They haven't taken enforced naps since 2016. So they were tired. And cranky. And my poor poor sister and her family who had to host us all...
Beth made quite the spread! Tooooons of food! And yes pork. Huge! Matt and I hung out in the basement most of the night where our kids were just to be sure they didn't do something untoward... One never knows with our three. We attempted the traditional Nonna and Poppop with their grandchildren photo not once but twice. It was just that good. Letty ended the night in tears about a number of different issues all that could be summed up with: you're tired. But I still love these crazy times with my family! 
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