new pretties around the house

Oh there is always more! After the holidays I find ways to curb my sadness over the loss of all the twinkle lights and festive decor. There are new projects to be sure, as you have seen this past week or so. Some new plants. And of course any new gifts I got for Christmas! So here they are in a big photo dump!

I got a few new plants! It's my January process. I lost a plant or two which literally never happens to me so I have to remedy that!
Our kitchen faucet broke so that of  course had to be replaced.... See also the teeny tiny cactus Dom picked out as his contribution to the new plants in the house.
I have been looking for a third seltzer bottle for what feels like forever but really. I mean how hard can it be? Joanna uses them and poof! They are so hard to find! And I know. My mother had been on the hunt for a new hutch and she hit many an antique store. As luck would have it I stumbled upon five of them on our latest outing. However the price was way to high on two of them and two of the others were cloudy... but I did get one! I have my trinity!
My dear friend Elyse just dropped off a little gift for me before Christmas (I have decided I have the very best friends) and it was this lovely galvanized beauty! I carried it around the house for a few days trying to find the perfect spot for it and decided it needed to live in the powder room. Where everyone sees it!
And another surprise gift, this time from my Steph, a paper scroll! I have seen these everywhere just have never made the plunge. So glad she plunged away for me! This was another carry around the house for a few days situation... But I love where it has landed! I will be updating this for the seasons to be sure!
My mom gave me a dough bowl she was no longer using knowing I've been looking for one for awhile... but also knowing I love my first born too much to trade her in for one of those legit dough bowls. So expensive! I threw some things I had in storage inside it and called it good!
I think I'm done with all the decor posts for now... but who really knows with me.