final farewell to hersheypark. for the year.

We had several dates chosen to return to Christmas Candylane at Hersheypark during the month of December but for one of many different reasons it just didn't happen. It was too cold. It was rainy. Etc. So on a Wednesday during Christmas break when there was nothing much else going on and it wasn't that cold my sister and her kids and my mom and my kids headed up there to see what rides could be ridden. And what a good trip it ended up being! There were hardly any lines and! The best part! My sister and I took the bigger kids on this indoor roller coaster called Laff Track! That ride never has a wait under 45 minutes and we were able to walk on. Twice! None of us had every ridden before! How very exciting. My kids also made me go on the big Pirate ship which, woof. 

Anyways what a way to wrap up this year at Herhseypark with hardly any lines and not too unbearable cold! Who cares if I felt off all day from those thrill rides! Until April, Hersheypark! 

Also thanks Beth for taking photos of my kids!



  1. you prob felt off bc cold strikes! I still feel it. I swear it'll never die. anyway that first photo the characters on the building look terrifying but indoor coasters are fun. read: space mountain. also Dom in that second photo lol.

  2. No lines at an amusement park is pure gold! The only time we go to Six Flags is when they close down for my Mother in Law’s school district. We just don’t deal well with crowds and lines and an ADHD child with no patience for either of the aforementioned things. Ha. Looks like y’all had a great time.


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