On the chalkboard: After the fun of the past few months this wall is just back to regularly scheduled programming.... Sending out all the warm vibes.
Reading: I have been keeping up with a book a week so far which I mean, let's keep that up for the next 11 months right? I'm still feeling the historical fiction and this one came highly recommended by my favorite librarian.
Watching with Matt: Oh Jim and Pam. Pam and Jim! We have been spending our nights after the kids go to bed all tucked into our bed with the fire going and this was just the ticket. Short length, light and funny, and if we are also playing on our phones off and on then none the wiser! Jim. Pam.
Eating: I am giving myself until the end of February to shed the holiday pounds.... and the cruise pounds. And yes, the cruise was in August. Details. But when Matt makes this farro salad you know that I just can't help myself from a second (third) helping.
Drinking: I don't do resolutions but this year I told myself enough is enough Laur. Drink your water! I'm averaging in at about 80 ounces a day and that makes me happy! It was a struggle the first few days but onward we go! And bonus? I only drink one can of soda per day. Per. Day. This is huge.
Planning: On taking Letty around the development to sell those cookies! I hear the northern end doesn't get bombarded with Scouts like we do down here.... but it just so cold! Also I just love her little handwriting. I know it's not perfect like David's (practically perfect in every way, that David) but still. 
Thinking about: What on earth are we going to do for Super Bowl... Hmm.... Probably go to bed early with this for a view after watching the aforementioned show.... or some such thing. Do people still do big parties?? I certainly don't need to be eating all the party foods.
Watching on the treadmill: After all the Christmas movies I needed a new show to commit to. Downton filled that void. I forgot how good this show was!! I'm on season four and the loss of Sybil hit me hard. Gah. So so good. I don't even notice when my run is up and I find myself down there much longer than I planned so, that's a huge a testament to a good show! Although now that I've been running more at the gym what I'm really watching is people. Picking things up and putting things down.
As I type this: Matt and David are playing some video game in the basement and Letty is up in her room and all is well and quiet until he shows up. Pissed off about some horrible event that has impacted his horrible life and it's all just so horrible. His temper tantrums are still here people. Still. Here.
On the letterboard: Please please  make it happen! I know she doesn't listen to me but I can dream right?
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