christmas morn part ii

As per the usual, we packed up our Secret Santa gifts and headed over to my parent's in our pajamas for a nice breakfast and more gifts! And of course a sibling and cousin photo in front of the tree! We must not break tradition!
My sister made her french toast bake thing which was so so good and my mom had other assorted breakfast goodies. It is always a battle to get the kids to be still and wait for presents time... but we succeed with most of our sanity intact. We all distribute the gifts to each person's "area" and then the kids go first, opening one gift at a time. They are like sharks the way they hover around each other waiting for their turn. There was so many good gifts opened I can't even keep track of them all! My family is the very best of gift givers! I mean, I got swag from Magnolia from my sister so..... You can guess the caliber! Most of these photos are my sister-in-law's. Thanks to everyone for showering my family of five with so many goodies we will love and use the entire year long!