and our christmas evening

After returning home from my parent's and me finding the spot for each and every new gift (which I do in quite a frenzy, it is my process!), we gear up for another celebration. Of course. Because seeing each other three times in two days is how we roll for Christmas.

This time Matt is the chef, as he always is in the Olsen house. I set the table, including my new little place cards, but he does all the heavy lifting. Horror of horrors, I barely took any photos. I think I was in a coma from all the food. And cookies! Matt made enough food for an army. In fact as I went around the island filling up my plate I realized I had no room for anything but carbs. So... two helpings were necessary. One for carbs, one for protein. We were all in a bit of a daze after eating and just relaxed before the men in the family headed out to a movie. I put the boys to bed and Letty and I stayed up late watching While You Were Sleeping. And you want to know something? I didn't even cry that the day was over.

I blame utter misery of being so overstuffed with food.