a snow day with cousins!

We woke up on Sunday morning to some snow! Not enough to keep us from our brunch plans, but still enough for the kids to get out there and do what they love! Sled! 
Brunch was up first at my parent's and then came the super fun time of getting all seven of the kids all bundled up... Someday we will no longer be required for this I am sure. Someday. Outside the kids just tore around and up and down the hills they went, wrecking more often than not. And loving each and every second. Giggles for days! The uncles were the fun ones, pushing them down the hills over and over and pulling them over hill and dale. Drinks were on snow, I mean ice. And seeing those littlest ones all stuffed into their snowsuits is probably my most very favorite site of all.
And after all of that the wet cold clothes went in the dyer and the kids had cups of warm cocoa. Those two go hand in hand I dare say, cocoa and snow days! And cousins!

Some of these photos were taken by my sister-in-law.