a master bedroom fireplace update

I'm super excited about this update to our master bedroom. It's not even really done but I just couldn't wait no more! My parents are redoing their formal dining room and in the process of that they tore out their old mantle and offered it to us. I actually had already been plotting a fireplace-type situation addition to our bedroom so the timing could not have been more perfect!
This was a project that started out small... oh you know, just take my parent's mantle and attach to the wall and done... But, it snowballed. First I decided I wanted the entire wall shiplapped. So Matt did that. And then instead of stenciling a piece of wood for under the stove I decided I wanted subway tile. So Matt did that. Anyways suffice it to say it was more than just slapping their old mantle up there.

I put the M and the L that were originally on that wall (as seen here) on the mantle, because I couldn't part with them. I made the five sign (more on that later), and the fiddle leaf framed art is actually a page torn out of my Grammy's house plant book I inherited when she went into the nursing home. So that sort of is the best. Some old books and the little vase from Cocalico Creek with an olive branch and I called it good. I'm not 100% sold on what is on the mantle but for now it is just fine!
It's not finished of course... It needs some touching up or I may distress the mantle, I'm not sure. But I just love having the heat in our bedroom and the way it all looks! That stove is just the cutest and the flames look legit! We are crazy about it and couldn't be happier. Matt, the kids, everyone. My Olsens love themselves some space heaters!