a longwood christmas

Just over a week later and finally getting around to sharing our trip to Longwood Gardens. It is the season what can I say?
I convinced my mom and my sister-in-law to come with me and the kids to check out their Christmas display. I know we didn't stay for the lights at night but man does that place get mobbed and I would require three leashes and a whistle to keep my kids in check in such crowds. So daytime it was! We arrived at ten and took off to exploring the grounds. It wasn't nearly as cold as last year so we really wandered around, checking out some favorites for the kids, mainly tree houses and the train display. I enjoy the greenhouses myself though. All that greenery! Indoors! Oh to have a greenhouse! Full of fiddle leaf figs and palm trees and orchids oh my! The main display area in the big conservatory had floating trees which made me think of Harry Potter, except they were sort of hard to see as you can tell by the photos down below. The kids had a blast playing in the kids area and came out just a teeny bit soaked.

I deemed it good. Ignoring the fact that Dom was quite unpredictable and a bit of a jerk. Other than that.