a front stoop update

I told you last week I had a few projects I wanted to share on the blog... and so here we are just moving on to another one! Everything just looks so much prettier with a light coating of snow does it not?

I have these moments where I instantly decide I hate something. This happened once before with some of the lighting in the house and then I'm just done! Over it. It must be changed! This semi-recently (like, in November) happened with our front porch. We had the builder-grade poles that just well were, boring. So Matt and I took to Pinterest and came up with these bigger and better versions, which he built and painted, of course. And what a statement they make!

Of course covering the old poles also covered up our old house number so Matt whipped this new sign up for me as well and I am sort of obsessed with it. It's the little things, really! And I got a new rug. Details!
We may not be done! We may end up building a pergola type thing over the garage of a similar design... And we may paint a bit more of the roof structure with the black. But for now with the cold this is where we are. What do we think?

And just for fun here is the outside of the house before we moved in!