a bookshelf update. again.

I'm reclaiming my playroom! Not completely, of course. But a little bit here and a little bit there. First order of business was pairing down all the toys! I was able to do enough of that that we could get rid of the Ikea storage unit that was once in front of the bookshelves. That cleared up some space in the room. I went through each and every box of Letty's crafts and put whatever I could into big Ziploc bags that then went into one of those canvas bins. Which I love! They are so sturdy and big. And they hide all the things.

Then I went through my books and got rid of ones I know I'll just never read again. By get rid of I mean take to my local library and donate. All 200 of them. What was left of my books I just spread out on the remaining open shelves and then it was time to shop my house! Find things to decorate! Without spending any money! So it's not perfect and it will most certainly change but for now it works just fine.

I envision one day adding different seating, a new couch for sure, maybe an accent chair or two... My mother thinks that the school desks should be switched out for a Matt creation. But for now there is not much more that I can do without totally kicking them out of this space. And I'm nowhere near ready to do that.