christmas decor tour: the living room

The living room always houses the main tree... this is the one with ornaments from my youth, an ornament each from the year we got engaged, married, got our first apartment and bought our first house, all the kid's first's and an ornament for each of us from every vacation we have ever taken. Well, mostly. I don't think I got one from like Great Wolf Lodge or Shenandoah... shame on me! It's always fun to hang up the ornaments I got in Italy, or Barcelona, or Maine, or Alaska, or Canada, or Disney (so so so many Disney ornaments it could practically be the tree's theme!), or all of the Caribbean ones we have collected over the course of ten cruises.... Every year my mom got us an ornament that symbolized something that happened over the course of the past year, and I've been trying to do the same for my kids. This year Letty got a black cat in a Santa hat, David got a baseball mitt and glove, and Dom chose an astronaut, since that is what he was for Halloween. Third child problems. Let's go with that.

New this year is the whole shelving situation above the tv which I really didn't do too much to. The room has a lot going on with the tree and the gallery wall and the mantle so that is probably best. So for now I put up a few greens, some pine cones and some silver ornaments. Wink wink.

And as always there are the photos of my kids with Santa each and every year.... how about baby Dom in a Santa hat right after he was born? Almost five years ago now! My baby is five.... I'm feeling things. Nera! Come cuddle with me!

christmas decor tour: the kitchen

The kitchen kind of turns out like a big giant present. All the ribbons on the cabinets pretty much make it so. That's where I hang all of last year's Christmas cards from friends and family and then when I get a new one I replace it. My other very favorite thing to decorate is the galvanized tray on the island. New this year are the little antique Santa mugs! I mean, totally practical thing to purchase right? Not even big enough for the kids to use but still! Love me Santa mugs!

christmas decor tour: the dining room

I have loved the transformation this room has gone under since we moved in here almost six years ago... I love this neutral version the most. During the holidays this is where my wine tree and my wine Santa reside. Every lover of wine should have fun decorating a tree in all the things wine! This room is also basically a green house. And that is because it is a south facing room and the kids aren't really supposed to be playing in there so the plants are generally safe.... for now. Nera will soon be the next one I have to train to not play with my plant babies.... 

christmas decor tour: the playroom

Turning left from the foyer you'll enter into the most insane room of the house, the playroom. I've recovered a bit of this room from the kids since last Christmas, but it is still their room. Their little school desks are in there, the dress up station, and of course all the toys in their bins and assorted crafting supplies. It is what it is and someday I am sure when the room is cold and lacking life and noise and matchbox cars I'll miss it tremendously. So I call this room Santa's Workshop. Fitting with all the toys and such. It's also where I house my Santa every year since we got married collection. Quite a lot of them now! Normally they are all on top of the bookshelves but this year I sprinkled some throughout and I like it! All the Santas!

christmas decor tour: the foyer

I decorate super early. I do. And that's ok! And it's ok if you don't do it till after Thanksgiving or on Christmas Eve or not at all, I don't care! But for me? I like to get it done riiiiight after Halloween ends. It is no small feat, typically taking me 5-6 days to get it all up and everything. So it is worth it to me to stand against all the judgement because once December hits I can relax and just enjoy the holiday season. So. Anyways.... it brings me joy and every room in the house should have twinkle lights in my opinion. From now till March, at least.

Up first, the foyer! A lot has changed in how I decorate for Christmas over the years, including the addition last year of this gorgeous foyer tree! It's the only flocked one I have and I just love it. See also the bunch of trees up on the foyer ledge. I tried to keep my crazy hidden from my neighbors for a few days but once that ledge is decorated the Christmas cat is out of the bag....

trick-or-treat night

Our town always has trick-or-treat night on Halloween, school schedules be damned! But this year the weather was supposed to be quite nasty and so after much debate on social media and what I can only imagine multiple nasty phone calls to the township it was rescheduled for the following night, a Friday. Annnnd spoiler alert, the weather would have been nicer had it not been changed. Because Friday? It was so so cold. All the layers. 

Because of this change in schedule we also were missing my brother and  his family as they already had plans Friday. So missed they were! We had dinner as we do beforehand and then it was time for the donning of the costumes! When I think back to the first few Halloweens and then compare to now, wow! How much has changed! How much easier it is now and so much more enjoyable! I don't have to psychically dress each kid! As much as I lament the loss of babyhood there are some perks to be sure!

so what’s new with you?

October was like, the fastest month ever can we agree on that? Baseball and field hockey (well, one league and then we started another. And basketball here soon.... Letty is doing all the things) finished up last month and we have been slowly reclaiming life as we know it... with Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts and church and so on. So you know, still a lot.

a second grade field trip

Having two kids back-to-back in grades is starting to really throw me. Not to mention the weird parenting time warp thing and I'm all sorts of confused. Didn't I just have a field trip to Zoo America? Like, yesterday? It sure feels that way. And yet here I was, again, with a child, heading on that bus to Hershey.... to the zoo. 

Slightly different of course because instead of having a group of girls to watch I now have a group of boys. Only three, thank the heavens. And they are such good boys too so that helps. We had some time to kill before the nocturnal animal program... during which we wandered around and tried to stay as bundled as possible because goodness it was a bit nippy. The boys especially liked the spiders and snakes of course! What is not to love! 

The show was the same as last year, the skunk of course got huge squeals out of the kids. And then it was time for us to shiver and eat our packed lunches before heading home!

pumpkin carving night

Last week we all got together as an extended family for our annual pumpkin carving night! The kids act all cool like they actually do the carving and well, they don't. Except Letty, she went totally off the grid and made it up as she went. It sure helped too that my mother had emptied out all the pumpkins before hand for the kids. No messy hands for her grandchildren, no ma'am! David wanted to do a ghost but didn't want to touch a knife or a saw and Dominic wanted Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas because he is a boy obsessed but again, he didn't touch the knife. Another year in the books! And of course a whole lot of these photos are my sister-in-law's.

pumpkin glow painting

Every year since my brother and his family moved to Millersville we have been heading there to watch their annual Homecoming Parade. Last year Letty was with a friend because she is too cool for school and then this year lady friend had her final field hockey game. So. Us Olsens missed the parade boat. But we still were able to join for the second half of the festivities, mainly lots and lots of carbs and then pumpkin painting! Ashley got glow in the dark puffy paint this year and the kids just had the very best time!

happy halloween!

I sure hope it is nice and dry wherever you are at the moment but for me and mine it is a day of rain and pretty bad weather. So bad in fact that the entire county changed their trick-or-treating day. So my kids will have to wait one day more. But here are their costumes in all their glory, as taken by my sister-in-law. Mal, Bumblebee and an astronaut for this year's totally uncoordinated Halloween!

letty’s fall party

This year I am "room mom" to both of my kids. Well technically a half of one to Letty. Either way, I have sucker written across my forehead and there you have it. I remember a better time when I didn't even know what a room mom did. That was fun wasn't it? But if there is a need and no one else to help then there I am, I guess. Last week was Letty's fall party and better believe I am taking notes from the veteran mom who is the other half of said room mom. Keeping it all in my back pocket for when it is David's party next month....

The kids had some games, relay races with pumpkins and make a mummy and jenga towers with an apple.... and then it was craft time followed by the kids favorite, snack time! With the cutest of cupcakes!  I was so happy to get into her classroom as it hasn't happened yet this year... I have been dying to get to know her friends and all of that. So. An education, as it were!

the time the gym gave out candy

Last week our gym had their first ever trick-or-treat night. Which sounds kind of contradictory... and it sure was... but it was actually a pretty great night! Sure something like three thousand people came (when it is free I mean what does one expect?) but we got there early and got our candy on right away. Early bird gets the candy and all that! 

I let the kids wear their official costumes which I never do but I figured it's inside what harm can be done? There were something like thirty tables set up, a lot of local companies and the like. Which is genius if you think about it. They had the baseball diamond open and some field hockey sticks out as well as an obstacle course and a huge room full of music and balloons. All about the candy this week am I right? I actually thought it was a great success! I never imagined we would spend over an hour walking around collecting candy so that's always a nice surprise.

disney on ice!

We all know we are a Disney family yes? And when Disney on Ice comes to our (sort of) hometown we always find a way to take the kids there. This year's was so so good! Most of the time I feel like oh we have seen this song or this movie or that princess done before right? Well this year it was all so new and with more stunts and affects and the new music from the new movies and we just loved it so! Mary Poppins and the new Aladdin especially! And Moana, of course. Because we could all use some more sun.

hersheypark in the dark... with no rides

Well, next to no rides. And just don't get us started on that, to be sure... 

Every fall Hersheypark reinvents itself as a spooky but family friendly place and every year we make sure to go.... more than once. You're welcome Matt! The kids wear their costumes and they have a trick or treat trail and there are fun fall lights everywhere. So this was our first chance to go.... Annnnnd such a disappointment! So many of the "kid" rides were closed... or one attendant was working two rides so the lines were ridiculous... and yeah. Not a good time. I think maybe the kids got on two or three rides.... we even walked over to the zoo which never happens just trying to make the trip more worth while. The only highlight was the dripping in butter oh so good soft pretzels.

pumpkin glow at hershey gardens

Last Friday night my parents and sister and her family took the kids to Hershey Gardens for their annual Pumpkin Glow (thanks Nonna and Pop for treating us all!). Tons and tons of carved pumpkins, flashlights, some candy, all in all a festive evening of fun! The weather cooperated too and it was quite nice out, even if a bit chilly. The kids got to wear some costumes, although mean mommy is making them save this year's costumes for a bit longer. Oh and to those wondering Dom was Spiderman but pushed his mask back so he just looked utterly ridiculous all night long...

nera, meet the blog. blog, meet nera.

We used to be pet people. I had a cat in college... Matt grew up with hoards of cats his entire life. When we first got married we got a kitten... and then another kitten... and then a puppy... collecting pets to ease the pain of the fact that we were not in fact collecting human babies of our own. But then human babies came and with that a whole slew of emotions and well... the pet hair! The less than desirable other pet problems! We slowly found better forever homes for our original pet babies and declared ourselves a pet free household forever and ever amen. Not even a fish! That was Matt's final statement... Not even a fish from a fair that you know will only last the week! Nothing!!!

And then a few years ago on a cold cold wintry night there were two tiny (but so fat and fuzzy) gray kittens on our back deck. And Matt just thought.... oh... wouldn't it be great to have kittens? He went out to try and save them from a night of blistery chill but fate alluded him and well, no kittens. We have talked about it time and again since that night but we never came to the official 'okay let's make this happen' stage. Until, Nera (which means black in Italian, you know me and my Italian names!).

annual gettysburg day trip

Matt and I have been taking trips to Gettysburg in the fall since before we were married, and I just kind of love it. It's only an hour or so away, I always enjoy seeing the sights, the kids love climbing all over all the things, and well, it's tradition!

The kids were off for Columbus Day and so Matt took off so that he could join me. I'm not sure I would have bothered taking the kids solo again... although, we will never know.

david's room got a little lift

I was making the beds the other Thursday (as I do on Thursdays) and I just decided that well, David doesn't play with Thomas the Train anymore nor does he watch Blaze and the Monster Machines so why oh why is this poor unfortunate middle child of mine still sleeping with those sheet sets!? So I decided to buy him new ones. Sports ones, of course. And then that led to a look around his room at all his pirate and beach themed goodness from when he was a baby and well... maybe it was time for that to go as well? And then that led to painting the entire room. So. New room for David! And does anyone else totally feel like they are in their very own mom version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? No? Just me?

And just for fun here is the original before and after of his room when we initially moved in. Gives me feelings, seeing that glider... I miss my babies!

one sleepover to rule them all

My niece turned five recently if you recall, and her mother decided it would be fun to have a lady cousin sleepover... a spa sleepover if you will. They basically did all the things. Played with their Our Generation dolls, pretend school, ran around outside, homemade pizzas, spa masks, fire pit, The Greatest Showman, and and and and. Basically a ton of fun was had. All of these were taken by my sister-in-law of course!

farm show week!

Last week was our hometown's annual Farm Show! It's a thing we do.... Animals and tractors and lots of your typical fair food. And of course the boys had field trips, Letty I guess is too old now to do such things. First up was David's! We wandered around and they completed a photo scavenger hunt and of course there was a whole lot of giggles about all the poop. Animals are fun. We were also the baaaaad chaperones and let our group of kids make their own jump ropes. It's actually pretty neat to see how it all comes together although I'm sure their teacher was none to pleased to have them come back into the classroom....

the walk for dyslexia

You may be wondering why there is yet another dyslexia related event happening over here with us Olsens and that is because October is Dyslexia Awareness month. I know. Who knew? Dyslexia "is a disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words." Basically a disconnect between what letter a dyslexic person sees and what sound accompanies said letter (phonological awareness). I used to think it meant switching letters or seeing a letter backwards, which does happen, but it is so much more than that. It affects processing what a person sees or hears, or coming up with the right word to form an answer to a question, or remembering sequences, or difficulty pronouncing a new word, or spelling, or the time it takes to complete any activity that involves reading or writing.... So basically, a lot. 

If you have been around here for awhile you know that Letty has always been concerning... She had great difficulty as a toddler and even into preschool learning shapes, colors, her letters... She took awhile (long long while) to learn how to spell her name or when her birthday was... She struggles to remember people's names and frequently switches out her friend's names that have the same number of letters and start with the same letter. She constantly says "thing" or "stuff" because she struggles to recall the word she wants to use to describe something. Her reading level is far below grade level and the time it takes for her to read even the simplest of texts is exhausting. She is self-conscious and anxious when she is asked to read something. But she gives maximum effort. She tries so hard and is the very opposite of lazy. She is so smart! She is a creative thinker and loves art. But she also recognizes her difference. This video helped her get a broad understanding of what was going on in a way that didn't make it seem like a bad thing...

She was tested multiple times before public school and we were told she would outgrow it, but once she started first grade it became more and more obvious that something was up. We got to know individuals who knew the ropes and they really encouraged us to have her tested and get her an IEP. Which we did. We got her a tutor and got her on the waiting list for The Children's Dyslexia Center of Lancaster. Which is a non-profit that offers free tutoring to approximately thirty students per year (this year, Letty is one of those students). The cost of this (for the center) is as you can imagine quite a lot and so they do several fundraisers and awareness type events during the year. This walk being one. 

when i refuse to let traditions die...

File this one under why do I keep making my kids do these things? They are too old for it, I think. Maybe not Dom, but most definitely the older two. Not that they don't have fun, because they do.... but it's just changed so much over the years. This is a free little festival that a local store puts on every year.... And well, I make the kids go. As I tend to do.

makayla rae turns five!

How I have three nieces who are now five is beyond me. And how Dominc, my baby, will be five here in another month and a half is a whoooooole other issue. But it is what it is and last week Mikayla turned five! And we celebrated in style as her parents do, with a mermaid themed bash!

lancaster science factory

I've always heard about the Lancaster Science Factory but just never taken the kids there... it's hard to know unless you go how much enjoyment my kids will get out of something in relation to cost... so when we found out that on First Fridays in Lancaster it is free admission and that they were partnering with the Children's Dyslexia Center of Lancaster we knew we had to be there. 

race. once more!

I feel like we were just doing this... which I mean, yes, it's been six months. But still! Time you saucy minx! This event is normally in the spring which is just a really crazy time so it was moved to the fall, which makes more sense to me! The kids sent out their mailers, people sent in money, and they beat their goal which is just fantastic!

Day of the kids just run in circles. For an  hour. They stop for water and Ritas (not David of course). David got just over three miles and Letty came in at a solid three. It's just basically a fun morning with friends and of course exercise. This year I got to be a lap marker for 2-4 grade so I had the pleasure of seeing both my kids... Next year when Dom does this I'll be torn once more..... Dom! Next! Year!

Moving on.

peddler's village

The final stop... Peddler's Village. To the best of my knowledge this place is a bunch of shops and restaurants and just a pretty area to walk around. During the fall there are something like 200 scarecrows scattered about and so that made it a must so for our fall family weekend of fun...

We wandered around and poked into shops should we feel like it and saw us all the scarecrows. All before a lunch that was quite tasty. Nothing like going out with a bang! We hung around a little bit longer before heading home... all with rounds of Letty sniffling about it being over. I hear you girl... I hate when things end too. 

So until next time! Trovato Travels, over and out!

solebury orchards, and donuts!

On the final day of our Bucks County getaway we went to Solebury Orchards, simply because we had read that the cider donuts were worth the trip alone. And they were. We rode a wagon out to the orchards and picked some apples, even Poppop! They were the Pinata variety which was new to us all and definitely a hit! You can tell which of these are my sister-in-law's I am sure... 

This was one happening place! So if you're going to go, go early. There was a constant influx of cars and visitors and little bees. It was such a cute orchard though! And again, those donuts!

some wineries, some naughty kids, and some history

After a lunch of all the pizza in all the lands we separated for just a bit... My parents went off in search of antiques and the rest of us went off in search of wine. We found a winery and had the place to ourselves... basically just peace and quiet other than our seven... and then we went to another vineyard.. met by my parents and apparently, Satan himself...

a morning at hellerick family farm

Our Saturday away of course started with a hotel breakfast before the main event, Hellerick's Family Farm. A farm so full of fall activities they just cannot be named! But up first, a playground to kill some time before it opened! And I mean, 80 degree fall days are sort of not ideal but we make do. At least there was no rain!

so what’s new with you

It's October! Which is one of my most favoritest months of the year! We are still just living day by day here living the extra-curricular activities dream life.... But we are in October! So the weather should cool down... the fall things should be in full swing... and the sports should end.... soon. ish. And all you working mamas who also take their kids to all the sports things and also maintain family dinners and also their sanity please please please tell me your ways!

we went away last weekend... and did some swimming..

So yeah, as a family, most of us headed to Bucks County (a little more than an hour and a half away) for what we hoped to be a weekend of fall family fun! We left right after school and headed to the hotel because... they have a pool!

run run, everybody move, run

So it is the fall and that means that the kid's elementary school hosts their annual Run for Fitness. Now that the kids are a bit older it's a half mile each.... They both were super excited to do it and so signed them up I did! And bonus? Their shirts still fit them from two years ago! Wild, right? Saving that money left and right. Right Matt? Wink wink.

a school bus photo shoot

I know I shared a bunch of photos from this shoot to Instagram but I just had to share them here as well! My sister-in-law did her research and found herself a bus to use and set up a day of mini sessions a few weekends ago... One such session we were lucky enough to snag! I think these just turned out so stinking cute and I will love them forever and ever! The Kissing Hand book! The Class of 2029 and 2030?! Oh such keepers! I wish I could share each and every one... So these are just some of my favorites! 

happy first day of fall!

Officially at least! The time when we plan all the festive fall things! And this year is no exception, even with all the crazy sports schedules. So here's our fall bucket list....
What about you, do you have a fall to do list? What am I missing?


a fall home tour part ii

Moving on from yesterday into where we spend most of our time, the kitchen and living room area.... decorating this tray is always a favorite of mine. And these two rooms are the rooms with all the color. All the oranges and mustards! I've definitely tamed it down over the years but I think these things are here to stay.

a fall home tour part i

I do have to say that my house has been decorated for a few weeks now but I decided to hold out a tiny bit on the blog. I wave my crazy flag when and if I feel like it. This was the number one item on "my kids are back to school so what will you do with your life" to do list. Right above go to the dentist and schedule routine bloodwork. Adulting is fun.

Dom finds this process most exciting. Which is most surprising for me. He got really in to it and I had to keep telling him to pump the brakes a bit. He really enjoys all the new books that come out too so once they were unearthed out of the box he happily sat paging through them. 

Anyway so here we are. Part Uno. Walking into my foyer...

the zoo with cousins

If I waited around for a time to make it to the zoo when the bigger kids would go well then, I'd never go. Which is a shame because it is included with our Hersheypark season passes so we should take advantage of it. And it only takes like, forty-five minutes to walk through and that's even with the littlest of legs. 

So last week we headed up to see what we could see at Zoo America.

dominic's first day of pre-k!

This week was Dom's first week of school. Technically Monday, although he didn't leave my presence. He totally knows the drill, the building, the bathrooms and even the fish. He knows about half the class from last year so that helps immensely. Not to mention that his teacher this year was David's teacher years ago and well, he's been waiting for her ever since. 

a morning of all the fall things

And if that blog title makes you start singing Blink 182 well then, you're welcome.

Last Thursday on a day that was quite chilly for early September (notice the differences in how my sister and I dress our children) we all headed to Masonic Villages for some apple picking! Will drive far distances for such an experience! As much as I miss my elder two of course, it is quite refreshing to only have to worry about one other soul at a place such as this. Watching my sister and sister-in-law checking for their two each made me almost feel like I was on a vacation. Just me and my buddy Dom. Although I do feel sad that they missed out on this fall activity, but I'm sure we will go back, because that is just what we do!

our labor day weekend

A week out and I'm finally getting around to our Labor Day Weekend... typically I have these holiday weekends booked to the very minute but this one I just had... nothing. I was waiting on some info about baseball but other than that I have no excuse. I was just, taking it easy, I guess. But even with that said we still had quite the busy and wonderful weekend to wrap up our summer!

Friday night we had Chinese at my parent's house with all the cousins and sprinklers and popsicles galore!

a neighborhood partay

When we were first looking to move back to my hometown we had visited this very development we currently live in. On Labor Day Weekend. The very same day that they were having this quite large and in charge party by the park. We drove through the development and looked at the crowds of people and the colorful bounce houses and thought oh... how fun! 

Fast forward five years and we have never been to said Labor Day party. We know they have it each and every year... and we know a few people who go... but we never went. Well this year, we went. Finally. 

They had a whole pig (!), a dunk tank, lots of food, a petting zoo and a wagon ride over to the farm across the street complete with a barrel train. My brother-in-law and his family joined us for a bit as well! Mingling with friends new and old and the kids just tearing around being kids with neighbors! I let my eldest do a few things I normally wouldn't but I guess she is nine so I best let her have a little bit of space right? Like tiny baby infant space yes?

the vineyard at hershey

This past weekend friends of ours and the kids headed over to the Vineyard at Hershey for some live music and some libations. It was a gorgeous Saturday and we just jumped on it! We (Janelle) brought  a lot of snacks and we just settled in for some good tunes and some wine or beer, depending on your fancy.

The kids were mostly entertained by a new barnyard kitty, a random helicopter almost landing, and lots of little small stones. See also open lawn space for running and making up games with friends. We were even able to keep the screens away from them till the very end. 

nonna’s pumpkin patch

Last week while visiting with my parents Dom and I had the opportunity to check out Nonna's Pumpkin Patch... Otherwise known as an area where last year's pumpkins have decided to grow legs and create new little baby pumpkins. My niece and nephew and Dom climbed into Pop's little vehicle and headed over to see what they could harvest.... So many cute pumpkins were had! I think we will definitely have to check back and again and again this season!

the final day of summer

I need to distract myself the day before the kids go back to school... I made sure to get all the things done in the morning so I wouldn't have to think of them again that day... Clothes were chosen, backpacks packed, lunches done, etc. But as to the rest of the day? That is a day that I need to be kept quite busy. I did this last year and it worked out rather nicely. I invited whoever from my family could make it and we had ourselves a pool day! Even though it was actually quite chilly and most fall-like. Rude! The sun was still nice and warm though! We spent the entire day outside, even dinner! Matt grilled all the things and we had all the snacks and all the seltzers... as one does. 

an air show

I know this happened before the kids went back to school but I wanted to share these photos just the same.... a local airport here has these Aviation Days every other year or so and normally I drag my brood in to the actual airport (here and here) but Letty had been at a sleepover the night before and so she was naturally just a hair past exhausted and Matt wasn't really in to it so we decided not to go in.... longest sentence ever just to say we parked our van and watched the air show portion of the day from the corner right by our bank. It was such a gorgeous day and we had quite a good spot to watch the planes. And without any of the crowds!

a day in the life

I wanted to do one of these for myself to remember what a typical summer day was like before my kids went back to school in the great year of our Lord 2019... this was the final Friday before school started...

7:30 a.m.Dom came padding in to my room around 7 because he wanted cuddles. He asked all about my night before (I had gone out for dinner and drinks with some other moms) and what I had to eat and if it was any good. He can be so sweet when it’s just him. Eventually I make the bed and we go downstairs and Matt is working on the pool which is his favorite morning activity. I fold the laundry and pool towels and sheets leftover from the day before while my coffee cools a bit. Dom has a pancake and I refilled all the soap dispensers and watered my plants before heading down to the treadmill for my run. I’m watching Poldark right now and I think I’m a fan!

a summer sleepover

Last week my sister-in-law and brother invited us down to their house (a whopping thirty minutes south) for a summer night of sleepover fun! The original goal being to set up the telescope and check out the moon which unfortunately la luna had other plans and didn't want to come out till we were fast asleep... Rude. 

But even if we didn't see the moon we had such a night of fun! The kids swam and they had ice cream cones and s'mores and a fire and popcorn and all the fun time with their cousin! Audrey missed most of it because sleep is a priority with that one. They were quite the hosts and we were quite spoiled! Thanks for such a fun night guys! Just getting in all the summer fun whilst we could right? Who needs sleep!

Of course as always so many of these photos are my sister-in-law's. Having a professional photographer around sure is nice!