who dominic is at 4 years

Over the weekend this youngest child of mine turned four! Does it need to be said I miss having a baby? Now that we are fully out of the whole diaper/baby stage our freedom has been nice, I'll give you that... But there is just something about a baby! Someone have a baby I can come cuddle with please?

He wasn't feeling quite himself on Friday and yet I still made him get out of his pajamas and take a few photos because I am the very best mother. Ever. Case in point: I forgot to do his birthday dvd until the very last moment. Like, the day before. But I remembered the gifts! And the cake! Just forgot the dvd! I am ashamed.

Is that a sign of a youngest child or is that a sign of my impending insanity? You decide.
I spend the most time with this fellow, even with school. He is my little buddy and we go everywhere together. Even two hour long lunches with my friend, where he (mostly) quietly sits and listens in on us. Two mornings a week he heads off with barely a kiss goodbye and bounds up the steps to his classroom for preschool. Sometimes the headmaster (sounds so very Hogwarts but that is her title) reminds him to give me a hug because she knows how I feel about the whole last child thing. He loves school... and his one and only friend Jaxson (his words, not mine). He informs me that he is learning no numbers (he means letters) but he has the entire pledge of allegiance memorized and it is the most adorable thing. Ever. I am told he is an "angel" for his teachers and they see none of the Dominator that we see here at home. 
The second the big kids get off the bus his switch flips and gone is my soft-spoken, well mannered, communicative little boy and he is replaced by the other Dom. The one that screams and cries at the drop of a hat... throws himself on the floor, or runs from the room screaming. There is an APB out on him in our development, at least. They all know. They all hear the screams. Yet thank goodness he is always quick to ask for a cuddle, or a random hug with an I love you mommy! He's so good with his nephew Harrison (mostly) and he loves all his cousins and siblings, despite how it can appear at times.
He loves to play with play-doh, anything Star Wars, cuddle on the couch watching tv (but don't expect him to sit still), play with legos, wrestle, his Snowball Dominic Build-a-Bear from the cruise, and waking up first in the whole house each and every morning. But dad better be the one to come in his room because nope, not you mom. His favorite food is buttered pasta or chicken nuggets. I mean we are just really pushing into the healthy eating category are we not? Day at a time people. Pick your battles. All that.
Looking through the aforementioned forgotten dvd, he has one of three faces for the camera. A disgusted scowl, a ridiculous cheesy grin showcasing every tooth, or... sleeping. Lots of photos of where did Dom fall asleep next type thing. He hasn't napped in the longest time but there are still enough accidental naps happening for this to be true. Mainly in a moving vehicle... or anytime he is on a boat. 

My kids are so very lucky, and looking back through their years I just think wow, what a life they live! Not that they know it, yet. Well happy happy birthday to my youngest! You are a handful! You are adorable, lucky for you! I kid, I kid. We love you so much! Now. Go and cuddle with me because I need that. You'll always be my baby....