week one of our advent calendar

So we are (almost) a week into our advent calendar. Just crossing things off my festive to do list one day at a time! Annnnd this is what we did!

Day one was game night! Which I moved around a bit and made it a game afternoon. We never play games. Literally never. It never ends well. And it doesn't take me too long to remember why. But we played a few games. Fought a few times. Pouted even more times. And done.
Day two was hot chocolate! I was a slacker with photos these first two days I'll give you that but I was busy. Home Tour. You saucy minx you.
Day three was carol singing! Technically this was only Letty and I and her Girl Scouts troop... But David will go later this month (if I can convince Matt to take him that is).
Day four was make reindeer food. Some oats, some glitter and some sprinkles and I called it good. I made a little printable I've been using for a few years now too. We always make a bag up for my nieces and were lucky enough to actually be with one of my nieces during this whole process. I'm sure she was thrilled.
Day five was read The Story of Christmas. of which our copy has seen better days. Letty was totally in to this and then kept bringing over more Christmas books and the boys just moved on to other pastures. At least I have one festive kid!
Day six was write a letter to Santa! My kids have been sending him notes in the mailbox in the playroom of course but I wanted to make one real "official" ask. All in Christmas colors. Of course.