tiny town

I just love this place at Christmas time! Every last little building is decorated with garlands and lights and wreaths and it just makes me happy. My mom and sister and sister-in-law and assorted kids met us all there as well! As we tend to do!
Dom just loves this place! He especially enjoys the firehouse, of course. And that pole! Stay off the pole kids! They had a new stage area this year that the kids really loved and it had a slide! It gets to be a bit nuts in there eventually but we got a few solid hours of play time in just the same! See also it is a dog eat down world out there kids. Like, Lord of the Flies in there at times. I'll tell you what.  I think that sadly my days of toddler morning activities are coming to an end... but for now I'll soak them up and watch my nieces and nephew live the dream.

And if you're coming out of the house and you are not a toddler watch the roof! I hit my head something fierce

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