school holiday parties

I feel like the entire month of December is one big party in school... the themed days... The field trips to hear the high school holiday concert... The big tree in the cafeteria. One strand of lights gets hung up in the classroom and it's off the rails! And then there are the actual parties. First up was David's Gingerbread Houses!

And then was Dom's Christmas program... which was basically lots of snacks and little stations set up throughout his classroom. And they performed Jingle Bells. See also photo booth! That's Dom's best friend at school. All his eggs are in Jaxon's basket. As the saying goes.
My worst fear (I'm not dramatic at all) happened! Both of the bigger kid's parties were on the same day. At the exact same time!!! Letty's Sign Up Genius came out first so I was already booked for David's... But don't you worry, I made sure to pop in to visit his classroom just the same. I can't miss a party! I hung out with him for a few minutes and then headed back on up the stairs...
... to Letty's class party which was a Grinch theme. Super cute ornaments were made and games were played and snacks were had. All the sugar for these kiddos, all the time.
What a way to end school before break!