our magical christmas eve!

Our Christmas Eve! What a night! I think I may still be recovering actually. The kids and me both. My parents always host a cocktail type party on Christmas Eve, and this year they just upped the ante! As you can see... we had a special surprise visit from the Big Man himself! 

More on that later. 

Of course all of us siblings and kids gather up early and take a whole lot of photos because if we don't document in digital form did it even happen? And obviously we rarely dress up so that too... And it's Christmas Eve after all! See also some of the food but not all of the food. There was so much more! My parents had a photo area set up in the basement for the kids with all sorts of props too. Tons of friends arrived and the mingling began! I'm fairly certain I said hello to everyone but didn't get too much time to chat... so thanks to all who came! We can catch up more in the New Year! Haha!
And then! The party really got started! Santa! We know him! He arrived promptly at 8 p.m. full of lots of ho ho ho's and mingling with the kids... He had the rosiest cheeks and was just the jolliest old elf! He sat with each and every kid and Mrs. Claus handed out a little treat my parents had gotten for all of them. He was such a good sport taking photo after photo with guests big and small! Right before it was time to leave he sat down and read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. It was a Christmas miracle that we got most of the kids to sit down and listen! Such a magical way to spend our Christmas Eve!
If you're still with me you must be related to me. Love you! And most of the above photos are of course taken by my sister-in-law!