our first trip to skyzone

I'm sure we are all in some sort of Christmas-coma right now but if you've been around this blog for any length of time you know that I recap my Christmas activities well into January. All the activities. All the Christmas. It's just my process.

The Friday before the big day my sister-in-law and I took the kids to SkyZone for their toddler time with Santa. They also had free snacks and coloring pages. My first ever visit to SkyZone, as it happened to be. I kept having Bad Moms Christmas thoughts about the whole thing. I just love that movie! Anyways. The jumping! The entire place isn't open for the toddlers but Dom didn't mind one bit. He ran. He jumped. He threw foam blocks. And when his cousin arrived he repeated it all with her. 
Santa came out for a photo opportunity and then read a story but Dom and Mikayla would rather run and jump than sit and listen.... So. That's too bad. We were all so sweaty by the end of it but we had such fun! Ash and I were like two kids again bouncing away! I will definitely be taking him back for another toddler time... I'll just be sure to wear clothes I would say, wear to the gym. 
And I suppose if I was a nice mom I would find a time to take all three kids... Just need to sell an arm or a leg first.