dominic's fourth birthday party

Oh this party just did me in. Poor Dominic had a cold which yes, I feel bad for him, but the whining that accompanied said cold was almost unbearable. Constant state of wine. I mean whine. The kids were just so amped up and loud and in a mood to tattle! It's Christmas right, and we're all in misery. As soon as everyone left our kids went straight to bed and I went straight into remove all traces of this party from my home mode. I felt better by morning. And then I got to see all the lovely photos that my sister-in-law took of the night and I thought you know what Laur? It wasn't so bad. Afterall.
We had lasagna and salad for the adults and chicken nuggets and buttered minion pasta for the kids, as per the birthday boy's request. 

After they ate it was time for gifts! He got a Star Wars hat and alarm clock which I just love so much! I am so over his puppy hat obsession! He got a lite brite which, hello fun! My parents got him a Hulk fist that shoots discs out and a soccer hoover game which is entirely cool way to play indoor soccer. A car and track set that he had all set up in the laundry room too!
After gifts it was time for cake! The black icing from Darth's cape just dyed everyone's little mouths dark, even Audrey's! I missed one family's photo with the birthday boy and I am sorry! Thanks so much to all for coming into our house of crazy and celebrating this littlest boy of mine!