diy house place card holders

I love a good holiday table scape. In past years I have used rosemary to make a nice place card holder but that is obviously not a permanent solution. Enter this quick and easy diy project!
And now enter Handy Matty: 

The best thing about these place card holders is that they were free.  There is always scrap wood laying around here for these little projects that my wife comes up with.  So I used a scrap 2x6 and I cut the curved long sides off  to make it perfectly square with a table saw.  I then ran the wood through the table saw again to make them each 1 3/4" wide.  After that I cut those strips down to 3" tall.  Then I set my table saw at a 45 degree angle for the roofs - very carefully cut the roofs as your fingers will be near the blade. 

After Matt stained the houses and they were dry I used white acrylic paint and put a coat on two sides of the house. The back I did the entire thing but the front I used a little bit of painter's tape to mark off a "window". I'm sure there are more creative things one could put there, but this was the easiest and when one is doing 22 of them easy is key.
Once the paint dried Letty peeled off the tape and I lightly sanded it to give it a more distressed feel.

Matt cut slits in the roof of the house to hold the cards. I just cut up some white construction paper for the names.

Easy! And so cute!