cookie baking day!

Thanks to the bad weather last weekend we pushed our annual cookie baking day of stress up a week. It gets a bit hectic in there I'm not going to lie. We Trovatos are not for the faint of heart (notice all the bottles of wine in the following photos). The boys weren't included, thank goodness. Could you imagine how much worse that would be! So it was just us ladies, preparing all these yummy cookies in anticipation of my parent's annual Christmas Eve party. This year I brought in the big guns, Matt's mixer! Yes my husband has a mixer and no his "Surrender the Booty" sticker was not wife approved.  
The ladies had little jobs here and there in between bouts of watching tv and sampling a cookie or two. They were able to decorate one batch of sugar cookies whilst the other one was an adult only decorating situation. All just waiting to be eaten! And of course not all of these photos are my own, some are Beth's and a lot are my sister-in-law's.
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