christmas morn part i

Santa came! Oh he sure did! I just love the way the tree looks surrounded by presents... and that it only lasts less than seven minutes makes it that much more special! Christmas morning Matt and I were actually awake before the kids and very confused about that fact... We padded downstairs and got our coffee going before we heard Letteria storm out of her room with a vengeance. We gently woke the boys and headed downstairs for some destruction! We got them to each open one gift at a time, waiting until everyone was done opening before moving on to the next. A Christmas Miracle! And it was still over so soon! 

Each kid got what they had asked Santa for (and more!). Letty got two dresses for her American Girl Doll (re: my old doll and her new Target brand one from a dear friend of hers) and tons of LOLz and other surprise collectible little things that will be found littering her room for the next year. David got a Santa doll (his request, oddly enough) and a bunch of Lego sets, particularly the Technics. Dom got a Lego City set and a playdoh BBQ set just like he wanted! There was a bunch of other things too of course, squishee toys, Tamagotchis, a drone, so one and so forth. These kids are three lucky little kids. And so spoiled!  They are lucky they are cute. I spent the rest of the morning cleaning and organizing.

Oh! And Happy New Year's Eve!!!