and the third week of our advent calendar had us...

Day eighteen was supposed to be the tractor light show. But we changed it up when my parents invited us out to dinner. This is the first year in many many years that we haven't seen the tractors light up. I know that sounds very exciting doesn't it?? We did still see some lights though at the mall so. That counts!
Day nineteen was drive around and look at lights. David had brought home a Christmas lights scavenger hunt so we did that which added a whole twist to it.
Day twenty was movie night! Letty and I went to see Mary Poppins!
Day twenty one was watch Elf. Letty and Dom were too tired to stay up so it was just David for the beginning. He went to bed and they finished the movie the next day. 
Day twenty two was bake cookies! I have never made snickerdoodles before but my boys love them so that is just what we did! This is the only kind of cookies the boys got involved with and it was perfect for them. Roll those balls of dough in cinnamon sugar. Easy!
Day twenty three was watch Star. I find that movie just so cute. We were at my brother-in-law's house so we just threw the movie on for the kids during our dinner.
Day twenty four and the last day was read The Night Before Christmas. Which! Santa!
And that is a wrap on the advent calendar! I think I'll definitely be doing it again next year!