a holiday home tour: the powder room

This was definitely of the "blame the home tour" category. Because I usually don't do much in here other than my chalkboard. It can't be helped, is what I say. I hit up the dollar spot at Target for the tree on the sink... The garland around the mirror is also Target. There's just something about pine and Christmas is there not? The printables on the pallet wall I found here. As far as the shelves go I added some faux trees from Target, where else? I have purchased so many of these trees I have lost count. You can't beat that cost! And then Joanna's of course. Throw some pinecones up there too and I called it good! 



  1. I cant believe all the detail you fit in that tiny bathroom ha. so cute!
    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Your home tours are my favorite! But then they make me want to spend a ton of money and copy you! Haha. This room is gorgeous, just like the rest of your home. I saw those trees at Target and didn’t grab any. Now I am wishing I would have. Dang it! Maybe they will still have some.


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