a holiday home tour: the kitchen

The heart of the home! Surrounded by all last year's Christmas cards and so many of their smiling faces! I love having a festive coffee area and a place to show off all the holiday mugs I seem to have accumulated. I also love my galvanized tiered tray. I feel like it's my favorite thing to decorate through all the various holidays. And! My lovely friend Janelle went to Waco last month and she brought my back my very first ever real live Joanna purchase! I mean other than Target I mean legit Magnolia!!! Eeeek! Thank you lady!



  1. wait what Joanna thing did you get? did you specify and I'm slow? also love all the cards. yours is the only one I get so I treasure it :)

  2. A tiered tray is so fun to decorate for the seasons! Mine only has 2 tiers and I am thinking I need a bigger one to fit more stuff. Ha. Those Mr. and Mrs. Claus mugs!!! Where did you find them? I’m so in love with those.


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