a holiday home tour: the foyer

I've been waiting to post my Christmas decor because I volunteered to be in my home town's Holiday Tour of Homes and so... Had to keep all the locals in suspense am I right? Wink wink. Hence the weird post at a weird time. I am even going to go crazy here and do two posts a day because hey, maybe I can inspire someone right? Gotta get it in before the season passes! We all know I have my house decorated for Christmas well before Thanksgiving and there were many reasons for that. One: I love it. B: It's a lot of work (six days with 20,000 steps per day work). iii) I had this home tour to consider. Four: I want to just sit back and relax and enjoy December (I'm also the type to get all her holiday shopping done before Halloween). But mainly: I just love Christmas. Like, it's the best. So. Anyways. First up on my tour! The foyer!

I finally got a foyer tree! Well, to be precise, two of them. I always thought a tree in the corner in the foyer would look amazing. And Matt always thought one in our foyer window would be amazing. So we got both! Blame the home tour! This is my first flocked tree and I. Love. It. I kept it real simple with just white and red mercury glass ornaments.... some pine cones I spray painted, big white snowflakes, some red sprigs of berries, and a fur ribbon as a garland. 

And of course the foyer window tree! Plus a whole lot of other trees from Target. Bless Target.