we all took a trip to the island

Last Friday after school almost all of us Pennsylvanian Trovato's headed northeastward toward Long Island. We had ourselves a nice little weekend planned. Weather be damned. Which it wasn't because the weather had it's own plans. Rude. But. The. Traffic! Oh. The. Humanity! I pretty much expected it and all things considered we got there in four and a half hours which in the scheme of things isn't bad at all. But still. I'd be ragey if I lived there. You just have to prepare yourself, body, mind and soul, that once you cross the state line into New York the traffic will be waiting for you.

The main highlight of our Friday was: the food. To be honest. We headed to a family favorite, Domenico's. And by family favorite I mean that we have been coming here my entire life and my parents have been coming before that and so on. The owner stops by the table type of situation. In fact this is the restaurant that my parents came to on their first date which how sweet is that? Coming back forty years later with a party of 15? I just love that sort of stuff..... And the food!!!! Yum!

And then we took our bloated and stuffed butts back to the hotel where my kids got some quality swimming in. My kids sure do miss their pool!