trick or treating, 2018

Well it's Monday! Already! And here I am just getting around to our Halloween night! As we have done for a many many years, my entire family comes over and we order pizza and then go do our trick-or-treating thang. We are riding this tradition train for as long as possibly can!

And then it's time to put on all the costumes and the layers! Which we didn't need many of people man was our Halloween night sort of warm! I remember there was a Halloween when Letty was one where it snowed. Legit plowable snow. And then this year we didn't even need coats. Mother Nature is a fickle lady to be sure. We wandered around and did our candy thing and posed with all the assorted festive lawn ornaments. A firetruck came around too and handed out candy which was super fun! We saw many a friends. Got many a pieces of candy. And a nice little walk in. A great many of these photos are my sister-in-law's. Of course.

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